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At the elite ĀYU Academy, I received rigorous training in deep scriptural Āyurveda. In my schooling, I learned how to read Sanskrit, mastered Āyurvedic principles, and became familiarized with Āyurveda's ancient classical texts and treatment protocols.

Svastha Ācārya is a Sanskrit term that translates into Āyurvedic Health Counselor. I can offer you an array of professional Āyurvedic healthcare services. Your initial appointment will entail a thorough health assessment via 12 primary Āyurvedic factors. Management of your health will be targeted through safe, simple and highly effective interventions.

To schedule an appointment, click on the link below. You will be routed to myĀ Review the four available 'plans' and select which one is the best fit for you. Make sure you note that you want to have me as your practitioner. 

I look forward to working with you!

Holistic Nursing

      For nearly a decade, I have been a nurse in various capacities. My background ranges from community nursing, home health nursing, rehabilitation centers & primary care. At this present time, I am an Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse at a hospital in Northern California. I also work in the OR Recovery Unit as a Post-Anesthesia RN in this same hospital. I love my work! 

    What has compelled me to further my nursing education is the desire to have autonomy in my practice along with wanting to be on the preventative medicine side of patient care. My heart is in integrative medicine. I believe there are areas in which biomedicine has its shortcomings and it's here that Āyurveda shines.  The two together offer a dynamic and powerful approach towards one's health & well-being.

Specialization in

Diabetic Care


    In Āyurveda's ancient classical texts, Prameha is the Sanskrit term

used for the disorder affiliated with Diabetes. The diabetic dietary

protocol that I utilize is derived directly from these scriptures known as

the Bṛhat Trayī, or the Great Three. This entails the Caraka Sahita,

Suśruta Sahita and Aṣṭāñga Hṛdayam. 

Āyurveda always maintains an understanding of the whole person

whereas biomedicine remains primarily concerned with parts of the

human system. This is one reason why Āyurveda excels in the

management of  chronic disease processes and yields reliable,

efficacious results.

Type 2 diabetes is created through a multifactorial process

of lifestyle and food‐related factors. Āyurveda has

a comprehensive, individualized understanding of nutrition that has

developed over thousands of years and is time tested. Allow me

 to walk you through an Āyurvedic 

understanding of diabetes