Jessica Lee Lusignan

Jessica has a fairly diversified background. In 2005, she graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelor of Science degree in Women’s Health & Psychology. She first worked with physically and emotionally challenged women in the Pioneer Valley for several years. In 2009, Jessica returned to the University of Massachusetts Amherst for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, graduating magna cum laude. Currently, she is a practicing Registered Nurse working in both an Intensive Care Unit and Post-Anesthesia Care Unit in a hospital in Northern California. At this time, Jessica is also working towards a doctorate’s degree to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.

In her experience with Western Medicine, Jessica has come to understand that holistic care is required in order for individuals to sustain health and well-being. This understanding is what led her to Āyurveda. In 2013, Jessica received a scholarship from 'Organic India' and completed a ten-month Āyurvedic Herbal Apprenticeship program. She has received training in authentic, classical Āyurveda through ĀYU Academy’s Svastha Āchārya program and will be advancing through the school’s Paricāraka program as well. 

Jessica draws upon both modalities to provide comprehensive & compassionate health care to her clientele. 


Jessica's Experience

Below, I have provided a list of my educational & clinical experiences. Click on the links beneath to explore their websites further. 


2018 - Present

Chamberlain University

Doctoral Program

Family Nurse Practitioner

2018 - Present

ĀYU Academy

Svastha Āchārya of Āyurveda

2013 - 2017

California College of Āyurveda

Clinical Āyurvedic Theory & 

Marma Therapy

2009 - 2012

University of Massachusetts Amherst

2nd Bachelor BSN Program

Bachelor of Science Nursing

Magna Cum Laude

2017 - Present

Science of Light

Vedic Medical Astrologer/Āyurjyotiṣa

2015 - Present

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital

ICU & PACU Registered Nurse


University of Massachusetts Amherst

Bachelor of Science

Women's Health & Psychology
Magna Cum Laude