Bringing you towards Optimal Health


I believe people can achieve optimal health via the science of integrative medicine. 

Ms. Āyurjyotiṣta's Approach to Wellbeing

Holistic care is essential in achieving optimal health.

 Using a mix of ancient and modern knowledge, I will teach you how to achieve and sustain a healthy equilibrium on multiple levels - physically, emotionally & spiritually. 

The three modalities that I draw upon are Classical Āyurveda, Jyotiṣh (Vedic Astrology) & Holistic Nursing. Below, I have included a little write up for each of these aforementioned methods of healthcare.


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Āyurveda understands the human organism at a very rich & in-depth level. This ancient and complex science phenomenologically applies the laws of nature  to alleviate suffering, restore and rejuvenate the body's strength, and maintain overall well-being. 

Āyurveda is an individualized medicine; it recognizes that humans are unique beings. Since its creation, thousands of years ago, Āyurveda has emphasized the importance of preventative medicine. Planning for svastha (or health) over the course of one's lifetime is an area in which Āyurveda prevails.


It is a comprehensive science that is not limited to preventative healthcare only. Classical Āyurveda follows the Bṛhat Trayī (Caraka Sahitā, Suśruta Sahitā, & Aṣṭāñga Hṛdayam) within which there  are extensive treatment protocols for disease. 

Firsthand, I have seen the efficacy of Āyurveda in its successful managment of many chronic diseases  processes.

    The ātma (or soul) chooses to incarnate at our time of birth & to our specific parents in order to exhaust karmas from previous lifetimes. We continue through these cycles of birth, life, death, and rebirth until we free ourselves  of the guas rajas (desires, greed, etc) & tamas (attachment, delusions, etc.).

    Our tendency to be more sattvic, rajasic, or tamasic and the skma bhtas (5 subtle elements) is carried within our karmic transcript (the pañcga). The "skma bhtas" correlate with the planets on a causal level, and, thus the time that our ātma (soul) incarnates is a snapshot of these karmas that our soul elects to "work out" in this lifetime. A skilled Vedic Astrologer can assess a person's birth chart for their physiolgical and psychological make up. Via the birthchart, one can ascertain many things such as areas of the body that may need strengthening or periods in life that may present health challenges. There are karmic remedies that can be done to alleviate these situations if present.  



(Vedic Astrology)